1. Similarity and Diversity of Black Hole Systems - 

Theoretical frameworks

Observational signatures


2. Gamma Ray Bursts - 

Nature of the central engine and the relativistic outflow

Particle acceleration, jet collimation and radiation mechanisms

Observational and theoretical advances in understanding the role of magnetic fields 

Gamma Ray Bursts as probes of elementary particle physics


3. Tidal Disruption Events - 

Modelling and theoretical predictions for different phases of the disruption event (disruption, jet production, fall-back)

Observational signatures in different wavelength regimes

Stellar dynamics in galactic centres, relativistic simulations and rates of Tidal Disruption Events

Observations of Tidal Disruption Events in the era of all-sky surveys


4. Active Galactic Nuclei - 

Theoretical and observational frameworks for:

- radio loud/quiet dichotomy and duty cycles

- jet physics in the most energetic sources including physics of flaring- role and properties of magnetic fields 

A look to the future with TeV observations and other techniques


5. Tests of Fundamental Theories of Physics - 

Black hole systems as multi-messenger sources:-

 Modelling and theoretical predictions for production of neutrinos and gravitational waves

- Observational frontiers

- Constraints on quantum gravity 

- observational and theoretical prospects

Signatures of exotic particles such as axions


6. Technology Drivers and Future Capabilities

New observational facilities, instruments and techniques

New theoretical, numerical and computational innovation





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