List of posters


1.       Elizaveta Chmyreva, Grigory Beskin, Vladimir Dyachenko, Sergey KarpovThe search for isolated stellar-mass black hole candidates based on kinematics of pulsars - their former companions in disrupted binary systems

2.       Patrycja Bagińska: Ionization instability driven outbursts in Low Mass X-ray Binaries

3.       Nobuyuki Kawai et al.: Recent MAXI observations of black hole systems

4.       Norita Kawanaka et al.: Prospects for the Discovery of Black Hole Binaries without Mass Accretion with Gaia

5.       Minjin Kim: GMOS IFU observations of a wandering black hole in NGC 5252

6.       Yutaro Tachibana et al.: Optical variability of V404 Cygni at the anomalous outburst

7.       Vojtech Witzany, Laemmerzahl Claus: A pseudo-Newtonian description of any stationary space-time

8.       Xiaoli Huang, Liping Xin, Enwei Liang: Very Bright Prompt and Reverse Shock Emission of GRB 140512A

9.       Sergey Karpov et al.: Untriggered search for rapid optical transients with Mini-MegaTORTORA wide-field monitoring system

10.    Jin Matsumoto, Masada Youhei: Synergetic Growth of the Rayleigh-Taylor and Richtmyer-Meshkov instabilities in the Relativistic Jet

11.    Tatsuya Matsumoto et al.: Ultra-long gamma-ray bursts from supermassive popula- tion III stars

12.    Attila Meszaros: Spatial Distribution of the Gamma-ray Bursts and the Cosmological Principle

13.    Aurora Clerici, Andreja Gomboc: Tidal disruption events from different kinds of astrophysical objects: a preliminary analysis

14.    Ataru Tanikawa et al.: Explosive nucleosynthesis in tidal disruption events of massive white dwarfs, and their debris

15.    Mageshwaran Tamilan, Arun Mangalam: Stellar and gas dynamical model for tidal disruption events

16.    Edi Bon et al.: Optical variability patterns of RQ and RL quasars

17.    Dijana Dominis Prester et al.: MAGIC detection of sub-TEV emission from gravitationally lensed blazar QSO B0218+357

18.    Dunja Fabjan et al.: The effect of AGN feedback on Sunyaev-Zeldovich properties of simulated galaxy clusters

19.    Vandad Fallah Ramazani, Elina Lindfors, Kari Nilsson: Empirical Multi wavelength prediction method for Very High Energy Gamma-ray emitting BL Lacs

20.    Sandor Frey, Kristof Rozgonyi: Open our eyes to wider fields in VLBI surveys

21.    Helen Jermak et al.: Observations of possible jet formation in the binary blazar OJ287

22.    Paola Marziani et al.: Highly accreting quasars at high redshift: a tool for cosmology?

23.    Roberto Serafinelli, Fausto Vagnetti: Ensemble quasar spectral variability from the XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogue

24.    Tomislav Terzić et al.: Peculiar emission from the new VHE gamma-ray source H1722+119

25.    Audrey Trova: Equilibrium configurations of rotating magnetized self-gravitating tori - influence of self-gravity and the organized magnetic field

26.    Farruh Atamurotov: Optical properties of black holes in the presence of a plasma: The shadow

27.    Pavel Jefremov, Volker Perlick: Circular Motion and Polish Doughnuts in NUT spacetime

28.    Lubos Neslusan: Applicability of the Ni's solution of Einstein field equations to the real objects

29.    Qiuhe Peng: Astronomical Observation Evidences of Existence of Magnetic Monopoles and No Black Hole at the GC

30.    Helen Jermak et al.: MOPTOP : a Multiwavelength OPTimized Optical Polarimeter for time domain astrophysics